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Human Capital Management

Healthcare recruitment management in the Middle East is a crucial factor for any hospital organization specifically in terms of the ability to attract and retain employees. Also, with increasing development in Asia and the MENA region, the demand for qualified healthcare professionals is growing and hospitals are facing higher competition for top-notch talent.

Our Global Healthcare & Medical Recruitment division delivers one of the most innovative recruitment solution with – “ready – to – hire – doctors” having qualified license to practice medicine. We hire the best talent as physician, nursing and allied health jobs including Midwives, Radiographers, CSSD, Technicians etc.

We use intelligent strategies to identify doctors around the world and mobilize the best talent across levels.

Benefits of our services:

Some of the advantages of using MedServe as your recruitment service provider include.

  • Expertise in Healthcare – MedServe is a specialist team having vast knowledge of the healthcare sector in the region. Our unmatched quality of service to provide the best talent, we are the first in the industry to develop diverse panel of Doctors in our advisory board.
  • Methodic & Structured Process – MedServe processes are designed to meet highest levels of standards to achieve “Customer Satisfaction”. Our believe, with our structured process we are able to bridge the gaps more strategically and create a win-win for our Customer.
  • timelines – MedServe objective is to thrive on a system which will reduce hiring timelines for the selection of best candidate. Our swift and flexible process helps our client depend and achieve on timelines.
  • Cost effective Structure – MedServe initiative helps our clients attract some of the best talent globally yet drive a cost effective structure of recruitment. We are shouldering a lot of responsibility of branding the organization to the targeted audience which helps our customers reduce cost.
  • Evaluation Process – Through our Interview processes we ensure only those candidates that will add value are put forward. We offer psychometric testing and our MedServe evaluation and qualification processes ensure the best fit competencies are matched for your company.
  • Scalability – Our model enables you to increase recruitment operations quickly and effectively to fit changing business needs.
  • On-boarding Support – Our team will assist you with the on-boarding and mediation of offers to candidates, which will ensure that they join your group fully engaged and committed to their new role.