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Addressing issues and challenges across healthcare industry

Since inception, we at MedServe constantly try and evolve with innovative ideas and initiatives that has an impact on the Healthcare System proactively helping Hospitals, Doctors, Allied Healthcare Workers and Patients raising the standard of their services with our host of unique service lines. Our service lines are designed to meet highest standards of efficiency and our process In short, makes Healthcare systems easier and uncomplicated. Addressing issues and challenges across the industry sector, we have designed 6 different verticals that will be tomorrows cornerstone in the Healthcare Industry.


MedCareers is a platform that helps employers recruit top talents in the Healthcare Industry seamlessly. As synonymous to its unique name, the features of the platform helps in positioning for an end to end talent management and talent capital services for the healthcare industry careers. Thoughtfully crafted to meet expectations of clients both, this service line is build to facilitate seamless management and acquisition of talents requirements in the healthcare industry. Our unique multifold processes give immense flexibility to our clients to scale operations swiftly with a commitment to provide cent percent customer satisfaction and delight.


MedVersity is an education platform that offers an exciting opportunity for aspiring medical students to pursue their medicine study from the top universities across the world. With a vision is to contribute to the growth of healthcare education sector for students who deserve world class education. At MedVersity, we deliver results with highest standards focusing on the complex and challenging needs of the healthcare Industry. Our commitment and passion for customer service and approach of constant quality assurance result in achieving highest standards of excellence. One of our key initiatives is to provide a platform that opens up a wide spectrum of services from career counselling to find the right academic program, from hand-holding in the preparation for assessment process to coordinating with the admission procedures, from assisting education loan to receiving a visa and much more. It doesn’t end here; MedVersity also guides the students even after the admission.


MedConnex is a healthcare marketing & consulting initiative of MedServe to help doctors with branding and marketing in the GCC region. Personal branding for individual doctors is a useful and effective extension of the differentiating brand message of a medical practice or organization. It is a means to control and direct what is unique and relevant about who you are, and thus guide how the audience perceives your professional reputation. Much like a professional reputation, the definition and purpose of branding is the process of creating a unique name and image. More than ever before, healthcare branding establishes a clear and memorable differentiation. Our business solutions enable our client to create a long-term strategy to help generate more brand awareness and build stronger relationships with new and existing patients.


MedSource is healthcare digital supply chain platform (B-2-B) that helps in building a solution for healthcare organizations and suppliers to leverage technological advances designed to improve data flow and analytics, provider-patient connectedness, asset tracking, and regulatory compliance through Digitizing the supply chain offers a cost-effective opportunity for health care providers to deliver the right product to the right patient at the right time. Supply chains traditionally are linear in nature, with a discrete progression of design, plan, source, make, and deliver. Today, however, many supply chains are transforming from a static sequence to a dynamic, interconnected system that can more readily incorporate ecosystem partners—health care providers, life sciences companies, and others—and evolve to a more optimal state over time. This shift from linear, sequential supply chain operations to an interconnected, open system of supply operations could lay the foundation for how organizations compete in the future. MedSource would play a pivotal role in providing technology support to enhance the operations of the market place efficiently.


Medline is a real time application that bridge the Patient-to-Doctor engagement and gives access to information about the Doctor with regards to his experience, specialty, sub-specialty, qualification, nationality, feedbacks and endorsements, popularity, timings, appointments, location, facility, charges, insurance network covered, ratings and even comparison with other similar profiles at the fingertip. The portal would give access to any doctor on the basis of active license in their respective countries. A digital directory service of doctors and service providers only with even access to telemedicine and 2nd consultations, every aspect of patient care is thought out meticulously and implemented. Our AI system will help the patient with quick navigation of the portal and also help the user on all kinds of digital and mobile device.


MedTech is the fully owned technology arm of MedServe focused on digital transformation services mainly web, mobile and cloud-based applications. Our services included enterprise solutions to design architecture for small medium and large organizations across globe. MedTech also partners will top global consulting houses on turn-key assignments to deliver Digital Transformation Services, Data Science Solutions, Innovation and technology, Software integration, Customer-centric solutions. Our delivery center is based out of Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata and we have a workforce that comes with over 25 years of hands-on technology experience.

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Our long-term focus to strive to make an emotional connection with customers by providing delightful service experience, helps us achieve customer delight and improve service satisfaction all the way.

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